What does financial security really look like? To be secure in the knowledge that you and your family are living up to your greatest potential, to know that the quality of life you are living now will continue well into retirement. It is also knowing that in this uncertain financial climate, should an unforeseen event occur, you will have laid the right foundation in place. Financial security is not the amount of money you make but how you plan and manage the money you have. Find a FREE trusted professional financial adviser who can successfully guide you in ways to plan and maximize cash by keeping your spending low and investment high. What’s holding you back? If you don’t plan to succeed, by default you are planning to fail.


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Wellness is more a luxury pursuit since it involves managing the body state after the basic needs of food, shelter and medical care have already been met. You can start having an amazing life by making the small steps right away to wellness and prosperity. We will give you FREE assistance on how to obtain a clear idea of your goals and move toward your future. You could actually obtain FREE information on how to secure great health and medical services and maintain a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit for you and your family. Success starts with the first step of knowing where to go.


Quality of Life is a concept that encompasses indicators such as wealth, physical and mental health, education, income, freedom, longevity, security, recreation and leisure time, and social growth. You will therefore need to pull all these together in your plans; we’ll show you how to make changes to your current finances to pave the way to a more solid quality of life. Start making changes now; don’t procrastinate – develop a posture of readiness and a tendency of action towards your goals. We will give you FREE leads on opportunities, and high-end products and services at affordable costs. Make concrete steps towards the dream you have for a better quality of life.

1. Do you want to take control of your financial future?
2. Decide now on your major priorities, objectives and destination.
3. Your opportunity for success is right in front of you and can begin now!

As your one-stop solution for a better quality of life, Ark of Life Agency makes it easy as 1-2-3.


Whether you came to this website through referral, a click on a link or just out of plain curiosity, you have come to the right place. Ark of Life Agency is here to show you that your dreams of a better future can be achieved, and through our list of products and services you can have the same options as the upper percentile at affordable, discounted or lower than market prices. We have done diligent and thorough research on quality, economical brand named products and services from select companies whom we have forged partnership with in order to deliver our members a guide to financial betterment and quality of life. To access our guide to products and services, please call us at 201-657-0833 or fill out the membership page. Please click on the products and services  page for a list of products and services.

Enough evidence exists to support the fact that the middle market has been unacceptably overlooked by wealth-building organizations. Our goal is to bring attention back to middle market families by developing a ‘can do’ mindset for prosperity, stability and financial independence. Ark’s vision is to direct the middle market to quality yet affordable products and services. Our comprehensive list of top-notch resources will enable you to build emergency funds, initiate a savings plan and strategize investments by connecting your income with new methods of wealth building that will generate increased liquidity.

The Ark of Life Agency is passionate about working tirelessly to rescue the under-served middle market. Our focus is to ensure that you get to keep and increase your hard earned savings. We also consider not only the security of your future but that of your children as well. Consider this: with the skyrocketing cost of living and the erosion of social security, it is not too hard to imagine a future where your retirement is swallowed up by medical expenses and your children struggle to pay off student loans way into their adulthood. It is a very real concern for parents to worry about leaving a decent legacy for their children. Ark of Life Agency is focused on these very real life concerns and is here to guide you. By providing you with the tools to build a solid financial future through securing and building savings, while eliminating debts and reducing expenses, we believe that you can increase reserves for future expenditures and relieve issues related to important expenses.

 Disclaimer: Please note that all information written on all the pages of this website are directly from the Ark of Life Agency‘s personal beliefs, views, interpretation and authorization and should not be taken as the religious beliefs, financial views and interpretation, and authorization of the companies Ark is associated with.